Thursday, June 11, 2009

Three Kids!

I recently just had my third child, a boy yay! But i have to say that adding that third child makes a huge difference i keep waiting until i get use to it...i'm still waiting. Not only are there the fights between the girls who are still getting use to the new baby, but all the laundry! Oh I mean I probably do 2 loads a day! Then the worst part is when i'm trying to feed Aiden I swear the girls always need something, Madelyn needs a bandaid, Jordyn needs her bum wiped, then Madelyn needs her bum wiped, then Madelyn gets hurt (she is a huge cluts), then Jordyn decides she needs a bath and floods the bathroom floor. I don't think it ever ends! But i have to say I wouldn't change having my kids for anything in the world they also bring me a great deal of joy. Jordyn tells me "i'm going to be Aiden's mom too!" she is a good big sister. Madelyn always know's how to make me smile... when we are all having a hard day; even if she isn't meaning to. And what can i say about Aiden he is a very good baby, you can't deny the feeling a new baby brings to your home. So even though some days all four of us are children are my joy. And I love them.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My sister started this blog

I am starting this blog on behalf of Tessa who is blog illiterate. This is her sister Erin. We are blogging for our sister Ashley who is in North Carolina. I am(Tessa) very bad at up dating her on the life of my family, and never send her pictures. Hopefully this blog will share the joys, and mishaps I am privileged to have with those who will read it... And my sister Erin is the best ever:)